Machine Vise K5

The Kesel K5. The world’s first 5-axis vise with a preloading capability.
By means of the unique dual-spindle design the K5 provides preloading to the workpiece prior to final clamping, almost completely eliminating deflection and detrimental vibration. This provides the customer with market-leading precision, reduces operator setup times and ultimately increases productivity.


  • Features
    5-sided accessibility for the machine spindle
    Pre-load system: high precision, no vibrations
    Fast adjustment
    Large clamping stroke of 16mm
    Easy handling
    Extensive jaw program
  • Application
    Flexible mechanical vise in compact design for 5-sided machining as well as for clamping blanks. Our extensive range of clamping jaws ensures easy adjustment to any workpiece.
  • Models
    5-Achs-Spanner K5:
    Art. Nr.
    Flexible and modular with the use of varying clamping jaws
    Clamping with gripping jaws possible
  • Technical data
    Clamping width
    8 – 276 mm
    Clamping force
    40 kN, bei 100 Nm
    ca. 45 kg