Automatic Rack milling machine

Automatic rack milling machine

Kesel Automatic Rack Milling Machine

The Kesel Automatic Rack Milling Machine is designed to mill individual racks automatically with unmanned operation. In addition to the in-feed and out-feed units the machine has built-in reserve storage enabling unmanned operation to be carried out for an entire shift.

Tooth profiles with the following sizes and material cross-sections are possible with lengths of between 500 mm and 2000 mm:

Module 1 (15 mm x 15 mm)
Module 1,5 (20 mm x 20 mm)
Module 2 (25 mm x 25 mm)
Module 3 (30 mm x 30 mm)
Module 4 (40 mm x 40 mm)
Module 5 (50 mm x 50 mm)

Key Advantages:

– Automatic, unmanned operation
– Loading and changing of the cutter can be timed to coincide with shift changes
– Elimination of loading and unloading times
– Machine true running time is approximately equal to the machine operating time
– Manning of a third shift can be achieved without any addition to current manpower

  • Travel range
    X-axis (horizontal, band transport)
    205 mm
    Y-axis (vertical, cutting depth)
    230 mm
    Z-axis (horizontal, infeed)
    370 mm
    C-axis (adjusting axis)
  • Milling head
    F 55.4
    43 kW S6 40 %
    max. 315 rpm, stepless adjustable
    Milling arbor
    SK 50
    Min. diameter of milling cutter
    128 mm + 2x cutting depth + 5 mm safety + resharpening (acc. to manufacturer)
    Max. diameter of milling cutter
    250 mm
    Max. tool width
    200 mm (For cutter design concepts contact Kesel)
  • Control
    Siemens SINUMERIK 840D sl
  • Coolant and swarf removal
    Cooling lubricant
    Filling capacity
    390 Liters
    Fine filtration
    Magnetic filter roller for fine filtration
  • Electrical connection
    3 x 400 V
    80 A
  • Dimensions and weight
    Installation dimensions
    (L x D x H) 7,500 x 2,900 x 2,700 mm
    Machine weight
    ca. 7,200 kg (incl. control cabinet)