Bandsaw blade milling machine B240M

Bandsaw blade milling machines

Kesel Bandsaw blade milling machine B240M

Performance is power. The B240M, the first in the new B Series of machines from Kesel, not only builds upon the global success of the FS 2500, but truly redefines the performance level of bandsaw blade milling machines. A completely new machine from Kesel, the B240M has been designed and engineered for pure productivity. The hybrid core, consisting of a steel and mineral-composite machine bed and column, delivers increased machine stiffness and dampening which transfers through to ensure the smoothest, highest quality milling ever achieved.

Optimised for the milling of carbon, bi-metal and carbide-tipped backing material, the B240M is capable of using 240 mm wide milling cutters as standard, ensuring maximum output. Bandwidths up to 125 mm, and the full spectrum of tooth profiles, from 32 – 0.5 TPI, can be milled on the B240M. With focus on productivity, speed of use and reduction of material wastage, the B240M employs the latest technology to ensure your manufacturing effectiveness remains at the forefront of industry capability

  • Milling head
    F 350 modified gear train with enhanced motor rating
    45 kW S6 40 %
    max. 450 rpm infinitely variable
    Milling arbor
    SK 50
    Min. diameter of milling cutter
    165 mm + 2 x milling depth + 5 mm safety + resharpening distance (acc. to cutter manufacturer)
    Max. diameter of milling cutter
    310 mm (depending on cutter cone angle / rake angle saw)
    Max. tool width
    max. 240 mm (depending on cutter cone angle / rake angle saw)
    Rotational axis
    Cutting angle swivel range +2 up to -20 °
  • Control
    Siemens SINUMERIK 840D sl
  • Clamping system
    Clamping system
    New clamping system with 40 % reduced lifting on traversing clamping jaw and extended lifespan.
    Clamping width
    max. 60 mm
  • Band guide and burr plate
    Band guide and burr plate
    Adjustable in vertical and horizontal direction
    Electrically operated burr plate drive
    Zero-loss automatic band feed
  • Coolant and swarf removal
    Cooling lubricant
    Filling capacity
    3,300 litre
    Fine filtration
    Magnetic filter
  • Electrical connection
    3 x 400 V
    60 A
  • Dimensions and weight
    Installation dimensions
    (L x D x H) 7,400 x 7,800 x 2,550 mm
    Machine weight
    approx. 16,000 kg (incl. control cabinet)
  • Options
    - Additional milling accessories
    - Additional clamping equipment
    - Coiling System
    - Measuring device for thooth tip height

    Additional accessories upon request