Rack milling machine RMS

Rack milling machines

Kesel Rack milling machine RMS

The concept of the RMS machine is based on decades of expertise in manufacturing special purpose milling machines. The machine is equipped with a state of the art Siemens SINUMERIK 840D sl control as well as Siemens servo drive units. The robust machine is used for the rack production up to module 20 with the highest possible precision. Extensive optional features make this machine a milling centre meeting all customer requirements.

  • Travel range
    X-axis (horizontal, table-axis)
    2,100 mm / 3,200 mm / 4,100 mm
    Y-axis (vertical, cutting depth)
    230 mm
    Z-axis (horizontal, infeed)
    370 mm
    B-axis (swivel axis helical tooth profile)
    +/- 30°
    Clamping range
    2,130 mm / 3,400 mm / 4,100 mm x 345 mm
  • Milling head F 55.4
    F 55.4 transmission with high power drive
    43 kW S6 40%
    max. 315 rpm, infinitely variable
    Milling arbor
    SK 50
    Min. diameter of milling cutter
    128 mm + 2 x cutting depth + 5 mm safety + resharpening (acc. to manufacturer)
    Max. diameter of milling cutter
    250 mm
    Max. tool width
    200 mm (For cutter design concepts contact Kesel)
  • Control
    Siemens SINUMERIK 840D sl
  • Clamping system
    Clamping system
    Hydraulic workpiece clamping system, alternatively magnetic clamping plate
  • Accuracy
    System accuracy
    < 0.005 mm (control and measuring systems)
    Positioning accuracy
    < 0.002 mm
  • Coolant and swarf removal
    Cooling lubricant
    Oil / Emulsion
    Filling capacity
    500 litres
    Fine filtration
    Magnetic filter roller for fine filtration
  • Electrical connection
    3 x 400 V
    80 A
  • Dimensions and weight
    Installation dimensions
    RMS 2100: (L x D x H) 5,300 x 2,100 x 2,500 mm

    RMS 3200: (L x D x H) 7,800 x 2,100 x 2,500 mm

    RMS 4100: (L x D x H) 9,700 x 2,100 x 2,500 mm
    Machine weight
    RMS 2100: approx. 8,400 kg (incl. control cabinet)

    RMS 3200: approx. 10,000 kg (incl. control cabinet)

    RMS 4100: approx. 12,500 kg (incl. control cabinet)
  • Options
    - „pendulum milling“
    - hydraulic workpiece leveling system
    - additional spindle unit