Rack milling machine RMS-Steering

Steering rack milling machine

Kesel Steering rack milling machine RMS-Steering

The milling machine RMS-Steering is designed for milling the tooth profile in steering racks. Leading steering rack manufacturers worldwide are milling their tooth profiles on Kesel milling machines. The RMS-Steering processes two steering racks simultaneously. The workpieces are manually loaded and unloaded. Automatic loading and unloading systems can be integrated without difficulty. The machine is equipped with a tool changing device for easy cutting tool change. Optional features are available to meet the individual requirements of our customers. Kesel offers the RMS-Steering as well integrated in an automated manufacturing cell.


In Line solutions, production cells, along with new Kesel machines or as a retrofit.


  • Travel range
    Y-axis (cutting depth)
    400 mm
    Z-axis (milling stroke)
    540 mm
    B1-axis (swivel axis)
    +/- 28°
  • Milling head
    F 350, modified transmission with increased power drive
    45 kW S6 40%
    max. 450 rpm, infinitely variable
    Milling arbor
    Min. diameter of milling cutter
    165 mm + 2 x cutting depth + 5 mm safety + resharpening (acc. to manufacturer)
    Max. diameter of milling cutter
    310 mm
    Max. tool width
    240 mm (For cutter design concepts contact Kesel)
  • Control
    Siemens SINUMERIK 840D sl
  • Clamping system
    Clamping system
    Special clamping system for one or two steering racks
  • Coolant and swarf removal
    Cooling lubricant
    Filling capacity
    900 litres
    Magnetic filter roller for fine filtration
  • Electrical connection
    3 x 400 V
    80 A
  • Dimensions and weight
    Installation dimensions
    (L x D x H) 6,200 x 5,500 x 2,900 mm
    Machine weight
    approx. 12,000 kg (incl. control cabinet)
  • Options
    - CNC-controlled B1-axis for helical tooth profiles
    - CNC-controlled A1-axis for dual tooth profiles
    - Milling accessories for different types of steering racks
    - Refrigerating unit for cooling lubricants
    - Tool changing device
    - Automatic fire extinguishing unit

    (Additional accessories upon request)