Experience-driven Innovation

Developing innovations for our customers is one of the declared goals of the Kesel company. Our developments are characterized by creativity,  flexibility and speed and enable us to meet new requirements on the part of the market or of our customers in a fast and efficient manner. That is why we continually invest in trials and test series for our products. As a result we gain continuous improvement and development of our products, which is worth the effort. Thus we are able to provide our customers with products that meet the high demands of the market and will give our customers a competitive advantage.

First-Class Quality as Standard

Experience and competence cannot be bought, it must be earned. At Kesel we understand this well and it is the decades of work within our industry and alongside our customers that allow us to deliver market-leading machine tools and clamping systems.
We continually listen to our customers and strive to manufacture machines which solve real-world problems and challenges. Through innovative research, the use of state-of-the-art measuring and monitoring systems and special machining techniques we support our customers at every stage in product delivery. Our management structure encourages innovation from our production teams who, through the use of the latest CAD and simulation software, modern workshops and in communication with our industry partners, ensure market-beating machines are delivered every time.
We ensure the highest standards from our machines in order to allow our customers to provide the highest standards to their customers.
Let our marketing-leading, high precision products become your company’s next competitive advantage.

Kesel Parts. Kesel Engineers. Kesel Quality.

As an international manufacturing group that has been formed on family values and strengths, we have the ability to deliver world-wide customer support tailored to your exact requirements. Through the use of parts manufactured under the expert eye of our own quality control managers and authorised partners, our engineers ensure quality is delivered at every stage of your servicing.
Kesel service engineers are not only experienced and qualified in machine tools and servicing in general, they are specifiaclly and expertly trained within our niche industry segment. With thousands, if not tens of thousands, of servicing hours on Kesel machines you can rest assured that our engineers will ensure your production lines remain at peak performance.
At Kesel we understand that our customers operate world-wide, both day and night. For this reason regardless of the location of your company, regardless of the time of day or day of the week, we ensure you have the support you need when you need it. With service engineers located in Europe, Asia and the Americas we can often respond in hours rather than days saving our customers valuable production time and money.