Machine Tools

Machine Tools
With nearly 130 years of experience in machine construction, Kesel is the world’s leading specialist in linear profile milling and grinding. We understand the exact tolerances under which our customers must manufacture their own workpieces and therefore our machines enable such precision manufacturing as standard.

At Kesel we understand that working in a niche market sector means that ‘off-the-shelf’ products are rarely suitable and therefore we strive to deliver innovative, customer-orientated machines to ensure your production teams receive maximized manufacturing quality and performance. We pride ourselves on the reliability and expert competence we can provide our customers all over the world and invite you to explore our extensive machine tool product range.

Bandsaw Blade Production

Kesel is a global technology leader for bandsaw blade milling machines and we are fortunate to be able to count 98% of the world’s leading bandsaw blade manufacturers among our customers. Whether for the metal and hard-metal cutting sectors or within the fish, meat and wood industries, we have machines designed specifically to service each market segment.

In addition to our tooth milling machine tools we also manufacture high-quality setting and straightening machines and various band-coiling systems. For the completion of the bandsaw blade production cycle we also have the special-purpose Kesel SBA-2s for the ‘loop’ welding and grinding of the finished bands.

Steering Rack Production

Specifically designed for the automotive industry, the Kesel RMS-Steering has been developed for the milling of tooth profiles on drive shafts, steering pistons and similar parts.
Continual innovation and development in the use of rack-and-pinion steering systems places increasing importance on the precision of both the profiling and surface finishing of the individual parts. At Kesel we work in cooperation, and alongside, our customers to translate these ever changing demands into milling machines that allow market-leading rack and piston production.

Cross Serrated Flange Production

The Kesel CSF is specifically engineered for tooth profile milling of cross serrated flanges as well as a large spectrum of other customer-specific parts. Rapid cycle times and extremely high accuracy combine themselves with low production and tool costs making the Kesel CSF the perfect choice for specialised part manufacturing.

Rack Production

Kesel rack milling and grinding machines are used all over the world for the manufacture of linear actuators in machine tools, elevators and stair lifts, rack and pinion railways, as well as many other applications.
Large-scales series production of parts is handled effortlessly by the RM series of machines which operate with both speed and market-leading precision. Very short set-up times also make Kesel rack machine tools an ideal choice for the manufacturing of small series parts or when there is a requirement to constantly change the workpieces.

Gear Machining / Gear Deburring Machine

All machining methods used to manufacture gears can leave unwanted burrs and rough edges on the surface of the gear. The EM-3 by Kesel has been specifically designed to effortlessly remove these imperfections leaving machined parts in peak condition. Internal and external tooth profiles, helical profiles, bevel gears with spiral profiles as well as many other similar components can all be refined and finished on the EM-3.
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