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High Pressure Machine Vise
Clamping force: 40 kN | Clamping force ratio: mechanical / hydraulic | Wide: 125 mm
Conventional success!

€2,435.93* €2,707.25* (10.02% saved)
Machine Vise
Bull (Mech)
Clamping force: 40 kN | Clamping force ratio: mechanical | Jaws: with block jaws | Wide: 125 mm
Compact power!

€2,221.73* €2,469.25* (10.02% saved)
High Pressure Vise
Clamping force: 40 kN | Execution: horizontal | Wide: 125 mm
High pressure precision!

€2,613.24* €2,903.60* (10% saved)
Machine Tool Vise
Pre-tensioned power!


More than a vise


Whether you invest in our brand new CNC 125 vise, our K5 5-sided machine or the world-class vise ZSP, the vise is just the start. An investment in Kesel is an investment in growing your capability and that extends beyond the vise. Our experienced service team are the best in the world and that support is their for the lifetime of your vise.

High Pressure Vise
Clamping force ratio: Allseitig | Wide: 125 mm
Intensified compatibility!

Variants from €2,516.85*
€2,880.99* €3,201.10* (10% saved)


What defines a Kesel vise?

Our vises and clamping technology is defined by quality, performance and precision. We know our products are investments and therefore we build them to not only deliver performance, but to do so for many many years.

What happens if my vise has problems?

Through our competent contact persons on site, who have many years of experience in the field of clamping technology, you are always well advised and a solution is found for every problem. We have been putting our passion for workpiece clamping into practice for more than 50 years now. Whether in the field of mechanical, pneumatic or hydraulic vises every demand of our customers is close to our heart. In addition to our quality and service inspection as well as repair, we also implement customer requests for special jaws, special customer adaptations and clamping assemblies.

How do the vises achieve such high accuracy?

Our many years of experience in the field of clamping technology and our very high quality standards make it possible to achieve such high accuracy by grinding the casting surface.

What is Kesel's area of expertise?

We have, for many decades, focused on linear toothing and linear profile machineing. This is our area of absolute expertise. Whether a gear rack toothing, bandsaw profile or cross serration, our machines and personnel excel in the area.

We have a specific application. Can Kesel help us with the right vise?

Absolutely. As well as building customised versions of our stock machines we also build completely customised solutions. We look forward to the challenge!

Where do you stock spare parts for your vises?

In 3 locations gloablly. At our headquarters in Bavaria and in our service locations in the USA and China.

Any questions. We will help you