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High Pressure Vise

The pneumatic vise for automation applications! With our Bull pneumatic, high-pressure vise, series production can be taken to the next level.

With a huge 40 kN of clamping force, the Bull from Kesel is the optimal solution for high-pressure, automated clamping. With a specially designed tension clamping system the Bull delivers an accurate and precise hold every time. The patented clamping width adjustment system allows fast and easy changeovers, regardless of the part dimensions. The Bull pneumatic. Life just got easier!
Jaw width: 91 - 125 mm
Processing: Automation

For automation and high-performance series production

High clamping force even at 6 bar compressed air due to integrated pressure intensifier

No hydraulic unit necessary


% €3,802.05* (10.02% saved)
Clamping force
Clamping stroke
Product number:
Technical Data
Clamping Width
With block jaws: 0 - 240 mm
Clamping Force
40 kN (with 3,5 mm stroke, 6.5 bar pressure required) I 40 kN (with 5 mm stroke, 10 bar pressure required)
35 Kg
Application / Use
Application / Use
Pneumatic high-pressure clamp for series parts and automation with robot loading. Effortless 'crank-free' clamping.
- Automated pneumatic clamping force build-up
- Stable base body made of GJS-600 cast iron
- Compact design, constant overall length for BAZ
- Large clamping width due to use of stepped jaws
- Parallel rails with easy  'click' system
Block Jaws (Standard)
Bull Pneumatic 125 - Clamping stroke 3,5 mm I Bull Pneumatic 125 - Clamping stroke 5 mm
Stepped Jaws
Bull Pneumatic 125 - Clamping stroke 3,5 mm I Bull Pneumatic 125 - Clamping stroke 5 mm

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How does the patented quick adjustment of the clamping width work on the Bull pneumatic Machine Tool Vise?

The locking lugs on the spindle of the Bull Pneumatic Machine Tool Vise can be turned downwards by 180° by hand.
The movable jaw can then be moved and locked in the desired position.
Adjustment to within approx. 1 mm of the workpiece is done with the Allen key supplied.

Why does the Bull Pneumatic only need 1 compressed air hose?

With the Bull Pneumatic Machine Tool Vise, compressed air is only needed for clamping.
Opening takes place via a spring return integrated in the spindle.

How is the compressed air connected to the Bull Pneumatic Machine Tool Vise?

The compressed air is connected either at the front or at the side of the connection cover (thread G1/8").

What variants of the Bull Pneumatic Machine Tool Vise are available?

The Bull Pneumatik Machine Tool Vise can be supplied with block jaws or stepped jaws and optionally with 3.5 mm or 5 mm clamping stroke. Thus, 4 variants are available.

What about clamping reliability in the event of compressed air loss?

Installing a check valve in the compressed air line prevents the clamping force from dropping.

What is the advantage of the tension clamping system for the Bull Pneumatic Machine Tool Vise?

Due to the tension clamping system on the Bull Pneumatik Machine Tool Vise, only a small part of the forces are transmitted via the base body.
This means that there is almost zero deflection and thus the accuracy of the machined workpiece is dramatically increased.

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