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What operating system does Kesel machine-tools use?

The X2T system is the world's first dual table for a rack and pinion milling machine .The two tables allow loading and unloading on one table while milling on the other. The result? The machine almost never stops, which can more than double your productivity!

Are Kesel machine-tools network capable?

Yes. As well as being able to connect them to local networks our machines are capable of highly secure, remote connectivity. This allows our service technicians to help you at all times.

Do you supply the right milling and grinding tools for your machine tools?

Although we do not manufacture these tools ourselves we are able to offer a design and procurement service which ensures the best tooling for your machine based on our decades of experience.

What is Kesel's area of expertise?

We have, for many decades, focused on linear toothing and linear profile machineing. This is our area of absolute expertise. Whether a gear rack toothing, bandsaw profile or cross serration, our machines and personnel excel in the area.

We have a specific application. Can Kesel help us with machine tools?

Absolutely. As well as building customised versions of our stock machines we also build completely customised solutions. We look forward to the challenge!

Where do you stock spare parts for the machine tools?

In 3 locations gloablly. At our headquarters in Bavaria and in our service locations in the USA and China.

Any questions. We will help you