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Pneumatic Centering Clamp

Our centric pneumatic vise combines all aspects to achieve the best results in 5-axis machining! With a pneumatic clamping stroke of 5 mm, the ZSP is also ideally suited for automation, even with robots.

Longer machine running times, even without an operator! This is ensured by the pneumatic clamping stroke, the encapsulated system ("chip-free"), the huge adjustment range and the robust base body. The Pneumatic Centering Clamp ZSP ensures maximum clamping safety every time thanks to its high clamping forces. Automation but safe!
Jaw width: 91 - 125 mm
Processing: Automation

Optimum tool accessibility

Huge adjustment range (90 mm)

Large clamping stroke (5 mm)


Product number:
Technical Data
Clamping Width
High jaw side: 12 - 203 mm I Stepped jaw side: 100 - 291 mm
Clamping Force
30kN with 10 bar pressure
41 kg
Application / Use
Application / Use
Flexible pneumatic centric vise for 5-side machining and for clamping un-machined parts. An optimal vise for automation with robot loading. Huge range of jaws to cover all work piece variants.
• Easy and simple compressed air connection with or without hoses (via adapter baseplate)
• Large adjustment range of the clamping width (12 mm - 291 mm)
• ‘Chip-free’ and low-maintenance due to the encapsulated design
5-Axis-Vise ZSP: Art. Nr.

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How does the clamping width adjustment work on a pneumatic vise?

The clamping width of the ZSP can be easily and quickly adjusted with the supplied Allen key.

Where and how is the compressed air connected on a pneumatic vise?

The compressed air for the ZSP Pneumatic Centering Clamp can be connected to either the front of the vise or the bottom, with an additional base plate.

Which pneumatic accessories are needed?

This varies greatly depending on the application. Please ask our Kesel service team, we will be happy to put together the pneumatic accessories you need.

What clamping stroke does the ZSP Pneumatic Centering Clamp achieve?

A maximum clamping stroke of 5 mm is generated with the pneumatic centring clamp ZSP; the workpiece is clamped symmetrically with both jaws.

What about clamping reliability in the event of compressed air loss?

The installation of a check valve in the compressed air line prevents a drop in the clamping force.

What are the steel ball-bearings in the jaws used for?

These are spring-loaded pressure points. Our Kesel step ledges (support ledges) can be clicked into these.

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