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TSM 160s
TSM 160s
TSM 160s
TSM 160s

Bandsaw Setting Machine
TSM 160s

Saw tooth setting has evolved. Your tooth tips, the most important and valuable part of your products, are also continually evolving so why would you continue to set them with outdated, aged technology? The Bandsaw Setting Machine TSM 160s from Kesel will change that.

The TSM 160s automatic setting machine has been designed and engineered upon our foundation of decades of experience working alongside the world’s best bandsaw manufacturers. Our patented Baseline-Setting technology will not only deliver you the most precise, reliable set you have ever seen, it will also deliver unbeatable protection to your tooth tips.
A world-class set, continually monitored and automatically adjusted by our integrated quality control system will ensure perfect and consistent symmetry and set width. The result? Unrivalled cutting efficiency and chip clearance for your customers. Tooth setting has evolved. Shape the future with the TSM 160s from Kesel.
Industry: Bandsaw
Technology: Setting

Patented 'Baseline' setting technology delivers the world's best set.

A huge 160 mm setting area for record productivity.

A powerful centric vise ensures precise set symmetry even on hardened bands.

Bandsaw Data
10 - 95 mm
Band Thickness
0.6 - 1.65 mm
Band Material
Carbon, bi-metal (soft or hardened state) and carbide-tipped band material
0.5 - 32
Precision and Productivity
Setting Tolerance
± 0.02 mm
Symmetry Tolerance
± 0.02 mm
Up to 660 m per hour
Setting Index
Up to 160 mm
Dimensions and Weight
Installation dimensions (L x W x H)
7,100 x 4,520 x 2,000 mm (with Speed 90 coiling system)
Machine weight
1,850 kg (incl. elec. cabinet and coiling system)
"Speed 90 coiling system.
Software extension for variable set profiles.
Customised tooling."

In Action!

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Can the Bandsaw Setting Machine TSM 160s set variable set profiles?

With the optional software extension the Bandsaw Setting Machine TSM 160s can be programmed to reecognise 2 set variations (e.g. light and heavy set). The 'control set' can be selected and both sets are monitored and displayed on the HMI.

What setting accuracy can the Bandsaw Setting Machine TSM 160s achieve?

The Bandsaw Setting Machine TSM 160s has been built to deliver world-leading set precision and consistency. The TSM 160s can achieve width and symmetry tolerances of ±0.02 mm.

Can the Bandsaw Setting Machine TSM 160s set bands in a hardened state?

The Bandsaw Setting Machine TSM 160s is fitted with a powerful centric clamping system which allows it to set bands in both soft and hardened states.

Is the Bandsaw Setting Machine TSM 160s supplied with a coiling system?

Yes. We have developed the Speed 90 coiling system to perfectly compliment the productivity and usability of the Bandsaw Setting Machine TSM 160s. This is highly recommended but optional.

Is it easy to change from setting one product type to another?

Absolutley. Our setting tools are seated on quick-change adaptor plates and the Speed 90 coiling system is adjustable in seconds. Call up the new setting programme, change the tools and…set!

Can the Bandsaw Setting Machine TSM 160s be operated in inches?

Of course. At the touch of a button the units of measurment can be toggled between metric and imperial.

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