Automatic band straightening machine BR 100s

Automatic band straightening machine

Kesel Automatic band straightening machine BR 100s

The automatic Kesel band straightening machine BR 100s has been specifically developed for straightening the longitudinal camber of metal bandsaw blades. This machine ensures in an efficient process a constant high quality for our satisfied customers. Reducing scrap to a minimum further demonstrates the cost effectiveness of this machine.
The machine can be ordered in two design options regarding the coil handling direction; right to left (BR 100s R) and left to right (BR 100s L).

  • Band dimensions
    Band width min.
    20 mm
    Band width max.
    100 mm
    Band thickness min.
    0.90 mm
    Band thickness max.
    1.60 mm
  • Control
    Siemens control unit
    Operated via a 19" touch panel.
    Operation system
  • Clamping system
    Clamping system
    Hydraulically operated straightening rollers
  • Straightening accuracy
    < 0.5 mm/m
  • Band velocity
    2 - 40 m/min
  • Electrical connection
    3 x 400 - 480 V, TN-C-S
    Connection power
    20 kW
    50 A
    Pneumatic compressed air
  • Coiling system
    - tilting
    - non tilting
    Max. coil diameter
    max. 800 mm
    Max. coil weight
    max. 180 kg
    Adjustable hub
    300 - 700 mm
    Coil fixture with four jaws
    centric hand feed
  • Dimensions and weight
    Installation dimensions
    max. 12,000 x 2,600 mm (incl. control cabinet and coiling system)
    Machine weight
    approx. 3,300 kg (incl. control cabinet and coiling system)
  • Options
    Coil handling direction
    left > right
    right > left