Special processing machine SBA 2s

Bandsaw - special processing

Kesel special purpose processing machine SBA-2s

Kesel special purpose processing machine SBA-2s for removal of butt welded joints on sawblades. This machine offers bandsaw blade manufacturers and their distributors the possibility to optimize operations required for removing the welded seam from bandsaw blades. Subsequent to the milling and grinding process the bandsaw blades receive a visually pleasing ground surface which is suitable for the application of relevant labels. A marking device using laser or other techniques is available as an optional accessory to the machine.

  • Band dimensions
    Band width
    min. 16 mm, max. 49 mm
    Band length
    min. 2.463 mm
  • Control
    Digital-Control-Unit Siemens S7
    Control panel
    OP 77
  • Electrical connection
    Nominal voltage
    3 x 400 - 480 V, TN-C-S
    Connection power
    8 kW
    25 A
    Pneumatic compressed air
    6 bar
  • Dimensions and weight
    (L x D x H) 1.600 x 1.400 x 1.900 mm
    Machine weight
    approx. 600 kg